The training course on Social ARTpreneurship was realized thanks to our following European partners :

Pina (Slovenia)

The project is aimed at advocating, promoting and protecting the human rights of national communities from former Yugoslavia in the Slovenian Istra.

 PiNA is an organisation for social development based on the following principles:
 Respect for basic human rights and democratic principles; 
 Active participation of individuals in the community and cultural engagement; 
 Respect for the environment and focus on sustainable development; 
 Critical thought and ethical operation; 

 Life-long learning and holistic approach to education.

Orma Fluens (Italy)

Orma Fuens works with lot of contributor to explore all the posibilities with arts. Their actions are through social service, education, health and performing. They work with several University for formation. Since 2009, they work in collaboration with University of Rome.

Teatar Fabrika (Macedonia)

Theatre Factory ( Teatar Fabrika ) is a non- profit, non-government organization that works on local and international level and stands for expansion of theater values. Their main mission is to create and promote cultural development and active youth participation in the society through culture and arts. Their main activities are oriented in making theater productions that will include young professionals and will give them freedom to present their own form of expression. Theater is a powerful tool and they try to experience and promote the ways in which it can be used to contribute for social change, acceptance of diversity and conflict resolution.

Bumerang (Romania)

BUMERANG Association is a non-profit organization encourages active participation of the public in environment and nature protection and the implementation of sustainable development. They believe that living a sustainable lifestyle ensures that social, environmental and economic systems are viable and offer a healthy and meaningful life for our citizens.

Their organization aims to improve continuously the quality of life and well-being of present and future generations, through an integrated approach between economic development, environmental protection and social equity.

TENet-Gr (Greece)

Founded in 1998, TENet-Gr is an association of teachers and artist who promote research, acting and educational drama.

Artemisszio (Hungary)

Artemisszio was founded in 1998 by anthropologists who wanted to apply their research to people to help their self-development and to open their mind.

Objectives :                                                                                                                                - to encourage continuous dialogue and interaction between culturally, ethnically and socially diverse groups and to foster their mutual understanding,
- to support the social integration of socially and culturally disadvantaged groups,
- to strengthen scientific and cultural relations internationally

- to develop and disseminate intercultural training courses, educational materials and methods

REACH (Serbia)

REACH is devoted to creation, improvement and promotion of learning and practices in the field of art, culture and health.

REACH mission is creation, development and promotion of civil society, culture, art and health troughout individual and collective creative and artistic expression on local, regional and international level.

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