viernes, 19 de junio de 2015

Group Activities

After 3 days of teambuilding, workshops and exercices, it´s time for some self-management.
Per group of five, participants have to imagine a proposition of social ARTpreneurship enterprise ( festival, action for/whit blind people ...) and to present it with a theater spot .

It's time to put into practice all they learnt during these last days. The training become a laboratory of experimentation where everybody can share her/his idea, creativity and energy.

And it's not always easy to work as a team: to share ideas, to stink the right balance between each one, to manage the time and to listen to each other. 

But in the end, all learnt a lot about themselves and about each other!

The more essential is to find a aim, and to go togehter towards it. 
It is the power of the group . 

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