domingo, 21 de junio de 2015

Last day

Despite some difficulties, (almost) everybody could participate to the presentations.
Some associations of Llinars del Vallès came to see the amazing shows.
Finally, there were three artistic propositions in different places of the Casa Mogent Maristas: one in the workingroom, one in the children playground and the last next to the swimming pool.

After the parade, all went together for a Spanish barbecue (with butifara and pan con tomate). It was a time of sharing between local populations and the international participants. 

At thtime of goodbyes, everybody took the contact of everybody, to stay in touch and maybe to see again one day! 

Some people went to Barcelona to enjoy the city, and others stayed in Llinars for a last night in the village.

Thank you to Daniela for the amazing food every day, every meal
Thank you to Pierro, Staphano and Ricardo for the manadjement, work shop, take care of everybody.
Thank you to all the participants for their presence and energy.

¡Hasta luego!

viernes, 19 de junio de 2015

Group Activities

After 3 days of teambuilding, workshops and exercices, it´s time for some self-management.
Per group of five, participants have to imagine a proposition of social ARTpreneurship enterprise ( festival, action for/whit blind people ...) and to present it with a theater spot .

It's time to put into practice all they learnt during these last days. The training become a laboratory of experimentation where everybody can share her/his idea, creativity and energy.

And it's not always easy to work as a team: to share ideas, to stink the right balance between each one, to manage the time and to listen to each other. 

But in the end, all learnt a lot about themselves and about each other!

The more essential is to find a aim, and to go togehter towards it. 
It is the power of the group . 

jueves, 18 de junio de 2015

I am my own enemy

On the 17th and 18th, we discovered the concept of social ARTpreneurship. Through workshops we explored the relation between theater and personal development ( soft-skills).
We inquired on how the acquisition of new artistic and creative competences can improve people's personal developement : work in group, be creative, build on it's idea. And the more important belive in yourself, try yourself ! We forget too often we are own worst enemy.We are victims of our own jugement. And when we are free of this jugement, nothing can stop us.
With theater and cuture, we can develop this type of competences: Learn how to live better togheter or to build a stronger spirit of initiative. The use of art and creativity as privileged working tools in educational interventions carried out for young or old  people.
These two days were also useful for the daily life.It was not only theater exercices or discussions about the employability in the European labour market but really a life lesson. 


martes, 16 de junio de 2015

First day of the training Course

The participants have arrived yesterday in Llinars del Vallès and they discovered the beautiful place ( circus tent, garden, swimming-pool ). Everybody is alive and starts to share, to discover each other, to speak around a cup of coffee …

After a good night and a good breakfast, all the 29 participants were together to start this new adventure!

Program of the day: Games, team-building, workshops about ARTpreneurship, youth pass ...and lot of hugs!!!

On night,the first intercultural night took place: Thanks Spanish, Estonians, Macedonians and Hungarians for their presentations, foods, drinks, dances and songs.