Training Course

The project "Social ARTpreneurship for Innovative Solutions" aims at making an important contribution to the promotion of "Social Entrepreneurship" at European level, emphasizing the possibilities that art and culture can offer to young people, in order to improve their working conditions. 

Goals of the project:

  • to analyse the concept of "Social Entrepreneurship" and its models
  • to share best practices and examples of "Social Entrepreneurship" in Europe
  • to promote the active participation of European young people and their social entrepreneurship
  • to empower European young people through the development and the recognition of new competences based on art and creativity, thus promoting their professional development
  • to explore creative methods to fight against youth unemployment in Europe
  • to promote the European social development through art and culture. 

The project foresees a training course to be held in Llinars del Vallès (Barcelona, Spain) from the 15th to the 22nd of June 2015. The training course will involve 29 young people, mostly youth workers and volunteers from partner organisations, coming from Spain, Macedonia, Slovenia, Romania, Serbia, Greece, Hungary and Italy. 

The methodology used during the project will be based on Non-Formal Education principles. The working methods will be based on art and creativity, and will include games and dynamics; group cohesion activities; moments of reflection and analysis; simulations; theatre workshops; individual and working group activities; sessions to exchange experiences and best practices; and a presentation to an external audience.

Expected results: 

  • the acquisition by young participants of new competences based on art and creativity, that will enable them to improve their working conditions, and a greater spirit of initiative
  • new reflections about the concept of "Social Entrepreneurship" in Europe, and the role that art and culture can have in this sector
  • new "creative" solutions to the problem of youth unemployment in Europe
  • new network projects between European youth organisations. 

It is expected that the project will impact both directly in young participants, in international partner organizations and in the local community where the activities will take place, as well as indirectly in the communities of origin of the participants, through a deep multiplier effect. In a long-term perspective, the project will promote and disseminate the use of art and creativity as privileged working tools in educational interventions carried out by young people for young people.

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